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This talk was awesome - thank you Jonathan! I didn't see it when streaming, so thanks for sharing. It's touchy mainly because it brought some memories back. I was running my own business (soon after finishing uni) and got into the data processing world after taking some inquiry.

Funny thing is it's all started when I was asked to create some *excel* stuff dealing with a gov data. I quickly moved to PHP wagon as it was mainstream that days. After I figure out I was betrayed by PHP euphoria I started to look for the perfect programming language. Then I saw D and I knew it was it. Unfortunately my business didn't pay my bills already at that time, so I had to say sorry to C++ and live with it (full time job).

Now I make a living from C++ (quasi embedded), but D is my number one as the language of choice, so I plan to reopen my business again this time with D from the beginning. Time will tell :)

BTW. As as GUI dependant guy I still consider debugging as Achilles heel of D (as referred in the talk to some extent, i.e. stack traces, mangling etc).

My programming language path (only languages included with more than 10k LOC written as I dealt with Python, Java, Matlab, Visual Basic and other "crap")
1. Pascal (high school)
2. C++ (high school and uni)
3. PHP (late years of uni)
4. PHP (own business)
5. PHP + D (closing my business)
5. C++ (a regular job)
6. D (the future ;))


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