On 6/4/2014 2:33 PM, Craig Dillabaugh wrote:

But using function templates and the like you can still get fairly
'Python-like' code in D.  I find dealing with types to be one of the
areas that requires the 'least' amount of mental effort in software
development. I don't understand why people see 'untyped' languages as
simpler for the most part.

In my experience, using heavy dynamic typing throughout a program creates far more work (mainly debugging) than it avoids. Even in tiny ~100 line programs, I've spent large amounts of time tracking down bugs a sane compiler would have immediately pointed out with a comparatively negligible amount of my effort spent on typing. Aside from C++ or Java, it's like you say: static types are one of the easiest parts to deal with.

Related note: I find it somewhat amusing (and a little depressing) that you can always identify the inexperienced programers by pulling out the "dynamic creates more debugging work" argument. The inexperienced (or experienced-but-still-sub-par) are always the ones who then try to tell you good programmers are better and more careful at avoiding silly mistakes. :) (And it's often stated using poor typing skills, too.)

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