On 6/7/2014 12:21 AM, Craig Dillabaugh wrote:

Its all the fault of people texting on their cell phones and the like!
Too much work to write proper English words.  Amirite?

On those things, it *is* work! Even I've started giving up on proper grammar/capitalization/punctuation/spelling when texting (Not my normal comms choice, but I have a couple siblings that are of "everything must be in SMS form" age).

Oh well, at least we're not still entering text on number pads. I used to work on a WAP/WPL site (anyone remember those? anyone even *used* those? ;) ) Entering text was bad enough, but entering test-server URLs? Ugh. I never understood why the last Smash Bros game copied that cell phone text interface *intentionally*.

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