On Thursday, 12 June 2014 at 10:40:56 UTC, Colin wrote:
Maybe a change to the compiler to write any mixin'd string out to a temporary file (along with some identifier information and the line of code that generated it) and at the next compilation time try reading it back from that file iff the line of code that generated it hasnt changed?

Then, there'd be no heavy work for the compiler to do, apart from read that file in to a string.

Compiler can cache return value of function that get called from inside mixin statement (for a given argument set). As CTFE is implicitly pure (no global state at compile-time) later generated code can be simply re-used for same argument set.

Re-using it between compiler invocations is more tricky because it is only legal if generator function and all stuff they indirectly use have not changed too. Ignoring this requirement can result in nasty build issues that are only fixed by clean build. Too harmful in my opinion.

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