On Monday, 7 July 2014 at 21:15:33 UTC, Paul D Anderson wrote:
On Monday, 7 July 2014 at 03:26:54 UTC, Poyeyo wrote:
Can you add a dub.json and submit it to the dub registry?

etcimon generated a dub.json file which I've merged into github. Thanks.

However, I am unable to register the package because it requires a version number, which I don't know how to add. I've used git tag and edited dub.selections.json, but neither seems to be the answer. Can someone enlighten me?


If you want to do this in github just click the releases tab on
your repo and create a new release with the tag and name
formatted as a SemVer[1] tag.

[1]: http://semver.org/

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