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In Átila's talk, there is an egregious misuse of the term "syntax checking", applied to what is actually language *semantics*, not syntax... ^_^' But cool talk, and cool tool.

One question though, I'm hoping people familiar with Emacs could clarify to me: I assume that for flycheck to work in the continuous (as-you-type) way that it is shown to be working, then the files being edited have to be saved on to the disk, so that dmd can check them. Is it this saving done to the actual underlying files, or to some sort of copy? (I'm guessing that it's to the actual underlying files)

This is an interesting behavior I've come across, even before watching this talk: Recently I tried IntelliJ IDEA, and it also goes away with any explicit UI notion of saving a file. It just saves files automatically, as you type. This is interesting, and might well be a marked improvement in UI behavior...

Bruno Medeiros

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