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It's pretty much the Nazi anthem.
oh, really?

Yes, really.

let's see. current German anthem:


and so on. pretty innocent, right? ok, but this is only the 3rd verse of the song which begins with... oh, "Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles". may i assume that all Germans are well-disgiused Nazis then?

The current anthem is really only the third verse/stanza (I'm not
sure about vocabulary). If a German sings the first and second,
they are aware that they're singing the Nazi anthem.

And don't tell me that Germans
carelessly throwing around Nazi slogans isn't something to feel
uneasy about.
they not only "throwing", they still using part of that song as their

It's not the whole song that's associated with the Nazis, only
the first and second stanzas.

besides, aren't your words racist?


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