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The thing is, while the code was there, there wasn't a single test case for it in the test suite. Furthermore, at least for Elf, there was no support for the special mangling done for ::std:: stuff.

Yeah, I don't know what happened to the test cases for template mangling. They were certainly tested when the new manger was being introduced, but somehow disappeared.

There was no special std mangling because at the time C++ mangling was updated, there were no C++ namespaces in D.

The thing is, modern C++ practice makes heavy use of std types. Having an interface to C++ code is fairly unusable unless D can also interface to std::string, std::vector, and a few others.

The first step is to support the mangling of them. Then, try to construct a "workalike" on the D side that follows D rules, and yet is able to seamlessly interact with the corresponding C++ code.

We'll see how far we can get with that, and then evaluate what to do next.

It works for ddmd's array.d/array.h at least, although it's not very maintenance friendly. I assume you're aiming for something like a 'core.stdcpp.vector' with an implementation to match each stl implementation?

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