On Thursday, 7 August 2014 at 23:36:59 UTC, Brian Schott wrote:
dscanner: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/Dscanner

Thanks for dscanner - a really helpful tool.

Your build.bat as of 2014-08-25 didn't work for me - it produced wrong paths, e.g. (shortened): dmd src\astprinter.d src\ctags.d ... analysis/src\asm_style.d analysis/src\base.d ... -O -release -inline -ofdscanner.exe
Error: cannot read file analysis\src\asm_style.d

analysis/src instead of src/analysis

The following build.bat did work for me (and it took less than 10 seconds on an i5 with Win7 - 64):

--- snip ---
@echo off
echo %time%
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set DFLAGS=-O -release -inline
set CORE=
set STD=
set STDD=

for %%x in (src\*.d) do set CORE=!CORE! %%x
for %%x in (src\analysis\*.d) do set ANALYSIS=!ANALYSIS! %%x
for %%x in (libdparse\src\std\*.d) do set STD=!STD! %%x
for %%x in (libdparse\src\std\d\*.d) do set STDD=!STDD! %%x
for %%x in (inifiled\source\*.d) do set INIFILED=!INIFILED! %%x

@echo on
dmd %CORE% %STD% %STDD% %ANALYSIS% %INIFILED% %DFLAGS% -ofdscanner.exe
@echo off
echo %time%
--- snip ---

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