Tags and DUB support for all of this will happen when I get around to it. (Or when you get around to it and make a pull request)

libdparse: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/libdparse
* The lexer/parser/ast code for D written in D is no longer a part
of the dscanner project. (This also means that DCD no longer includes a
  static analysis tool as a submodule. Yay.)

dscanner: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/Dscanner
* Static analysis check for declaring methods or variables named "init" or otherwise overriding built-in properties. (Why does the compiler let you
  do this in the first place?)
* Tweaks to the opEquals, opCmp, toHash checks.
* Static analysis checks are now configurable through an ini file.
* Lots of random bug fixes.

dcd: https://github.com/Hackerpilot/DCD
* Autocomplete for selective imports.
* Autocomplete for auto variables. (Finally!)
* Show call tips for compiler-generated struct constructors.
* Autocomple global-scoped symbols more accurately.
* Several updates to editor integration scripts (Mostly EMACS)
* Lots of bug fixes

harbored: https://github.com/economicmodeling/harbored
* Documentation -> docs -> harbor?
* Documentation generator that is independent of DMD and its JSON output. * Example output: http://economicmodeling.github.io/containers/index.html
* Lots of bug fixes.

libddoc: https://github.com/economicmodeling/libddoc
* D implementation of the DDoc macro system
* Lots of bug fixes

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