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The question of dupplication may be addressed now better, since the newly fixed bug about hierarchical packaging.

I don't see how.

_only that_ should be the runtime. And the sole part that one needs to port in order to claim having a full port of the D language (that is, the compiler). These are the tires of the cars, the things that touch the ground. Everything else is optional. (Pirelli had a nice advertisemnt with this line)

Well, I agree it absolutely has to be in druntime.

And, to go further, only c/OS bindings required for this are to be embedded at this level.

Requiring full c/OS bindings in druntime is so useful, and it costs us so little. Besides a warm fuzzy feeling, not requiring them seems to only benefit D implementations for theoretical platforms that probably don't exist.

Phobos shall be 100% optional, otherwise you don't have a language, but a framework. This is the separation line: the runtime is a must for the language, the standard library is not. If in doubt wether one piece belongs, cut here.

Call it what you want. Phobos is supposed to be 100% optional but it currently is not.

We get to decide where the line goes, and with D it is almost always decided on usefulness, not correctness. Requiring c bindings is useful.

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