On 08/28/2014 02:06 PM, Olivier Henley wrote:

> Huge thx for all the nice work btw.

I thank everyone for the nice words and the motivation. :)

> 1. Does the book have been entirely translated then..?

Technically yes, but UDAs had to be added before I could call it complete and there are still missing pieces:

- opDollar and the very recent multi-index opSlice

- @disable

- Importing multiple modules of a package

- This is an interesting one, which I think not many people know about: aliases for operator overloading. See the following push for an example:


- Table of contents for the pdf version

- Book index

- A number of other things

> 2. Would you agree to configure a print version through Blurb.com? This
> way we could get a copy through amazon like ... tomorrow ;)

I think I am finally very close to doing that, but not today. :)

Would you recommend considering at least some of Blurb.com's competitors as well? Who?

Thank you,

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