On 09/09/2014 05:04 PM, Ali Çehreli wrote:

> I have already tied many loose ends. I am currently
> changing the operator overloading chapter to include the more proper
> multi-dimensional indexing and slicing that came with 2.066.


I divided array operator overloading (indexing and slicing) into two categories:

1) I updated the existing Operator Overloading chapter to cover only single-dimensional uses by

- opIndex
- opIndexAssign
- opIndexUnary
- opIndexOpAssign
- opDollar
- opSlice

(I specifically took out the now-discouraged opSliceUnary, opSliceAssign, and opSliceOpAssign.)


(Chuck Allison will be mad at me because I used one of his programming assignments as an example there: Double-ended queue implemented in terms of two D slices. :) )

2) I added the multi-dimensional operator overloading to the More Templates chapter under the section "Using templates in multi-dimensional operator overloading".

(That is admittedly a curious place for it but multi-dimensional operator overloading uses tuple template parameters, which are introduced in that chapter.)

There, I especially noted that the responsibility of opSlice is reduced to returning simply a Tuple!(size_t, size_t) or an equivalent type.

(In case others have missed it, returning a slice representing all of the elements of a container is now the responsibility of opIndex that takes no parameters.)



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