On Friday, 26 September 2014 at 06:29:21 UTC, Dragos Carp wrote:
Though you could use prerelease and/or build suffixes (1.2.3-0w / 1.2.3+0w).

These are very close to what I would like to see.

Though, if I understand correctly, build suffix wouldn't work, as for example 1.2.3+0w and 1.2.3+1w would be treated as equal: "Build metadata SHOULD be ignored when determining version precedence. Thus two versions that differ only in the build metadata, have the same precedence." (semver.org)

I guess that prerelease suffixes would do the trick. The only problem is conceptual: "A pre-release version indicates that the version is unstable and might not satisfy the intended compatibility requirements as denoted by its associated normal version." (semver.org)

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