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What is the recommended way of versioning bindings? If the binding of
the target library 1.2.3 is versioned as 1.2.3 and a bug is fixed in the
binding (no change in the target library), how should the new version of
the binding for target version 1.2.3 be versioned? Using 1.2.4 is not an
option because it potentially collides with the binding for the next
version of the target.

The problem is locking the version of the Dub package to the same version of the library the bindings are for. In you're example I would do something like "1.2.3+1.2.3". If you need fix a bug in the bindings you increment as usual to "1.2.4+1.2.3". Anything after the plus sign is basically metadata that is ignore by Dub

/Jacob Carlborg

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