On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 16:57:07 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 15:45:26 UTC, eles wrote:
The first thing that I love in Linux is the centralized update.

The downside is it's taken down centrally too, while distributed windows software continues to work independently of each other.

On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 15:48:58 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
This claim is so strange I can't even understand what it is about. Which repositories get abandoned?

Repositories of the not latest version of the OS. Because only latest version receives development. That is, if the OS doesn't have rolling updates.

This is simply telling lies, sorry. All distros that don't have rolling release model provide LTS versions that get all important updates (including security updates, of course) for years. For example Ubuntu LTS lasts for 4 years where one can count on fast updates.

And even after that period your distro does not disappear magically, you are simply force to install necessary updates manually (as opposed to 1 click / command update from repo), basically getting you back to Windows _default_ state of things.

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