There were 15 forks of DFL on github (some of them working fine with 2.066), you made a 16nth, with another name. ;)
What's the point?

Btw, your version (just like most others) contains bugs causing the app to crash on exit. The issue is with destructors (in Timer and Tooltip, for example) that try to access some global/static variables, and when the app closes GC does its final cycle and calls destructors, and at this time many of those objects are already dead. It went silent in older versions of D, but since 2.065 was pretty visible.

My fix is here:
(sadly, combined with additional changes I made when trying to find the bugs)

Sorry,D2.066 is no 'dm' folder,its libs all moved in dmd2\windows\lib,and most new users like to use the 'dub' or Visual studio .net . A few minutes ago,I test to compile the dfl which was cloned from '',but found some errors,not get the *.objs,and must modify the bat file.

Now,it's a important thing, let more new users to like the dfl in their ways:'dub' or Visual
I think its very easy to use it for you.

Thank you very much.

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