The D Completion Daemon is an IDE-independent autocompletion tool for
D code.

Changes from 0.3.2 to beta 1:
* #162 You can now ask the server for symbol location information
  without a cursor location or a file being edited.
* #117 Import statement autocompletion now knows how to handle normal imports, multiple imports, renamed imports, multiple renamed imports
  combined with normal imports, and other crazy things.
* #56 Support the "with" statement.
* Fix function call tip display for complicated bits of code such as
  Derelict 3.

Changes from beta 1 to beta 2:
* Add --version to both the client and server
* Update man pages
* Update README
* Update --help output for client and server

Changes from beta 2 to 0.4.0:
* Fixes to function call tip display with explicit template
* Updated libdparse dependency to fix various parser bugs (and
  language changes)
* Fixed the LDC portion of the makefile

  • DCD v0.4.0 Brian Schott via Digitalmars-d-announce

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