On Monday, 15 December 2014 at 10:25:18 UTC, Ali Çehreli wrote:
- Removed the unrelated Turkish menu from the English pages

- Improved the ebook formats

- Removed the download page and linked the ebook versions directly from the main page instead

I consider these beta quality:


(I am not sure why, but you may have to refresh the page in your browser.)

I know that the format needs further improvements but please let me know if there are serious issues like some text not showing up at all. (Preferably, respond in this thread to avoid duplicate reports.)


nice work. thanks! :)

i've got a suggestion. right now when i check the english page, i see a blank space on the left which is caused by the width of the div#content. [0]

if you can change width in styling of div#content it'll look better: [1] [2]

[0] http://imgur.com/YRBobZq
[1] http://imgur.com/wfOpACO
[2] http://imgur.com/xNcQtxQ

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