On Monday, 15 December 2014 at 12:37:18 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
New videos are online :)
part 1:
part 2:

please give me feedback in this thread


I'm an intermediate level programmer and I'm interested in
learning about compilers, so I was very exited when I red your
post, and I hope you'll continue.
A few suggestions I have:
1. maybe you should pick your target audience, and only talk to
that audience. I don't think you need to explain while loops to
people who want to learn compilers and you can't teach compilers
to people who don't get while loops.

2.  talk more about concepts and decision making instead of
source - we can follow the source, but there is no obvious answer
to "why". So, for example, you go through the source for the
lexer, but maybe you should talk instead about the lexer concept-
What is it, How will it work, What's the input and output?!

3. it was already mentioned, but it's worth stressing: you should
script your recordings.

4. There are a few easy tricks to achieve good quality audio with
standard microphones. Maybe if you script your video, and provide
the script , the audio will not matter that much.

5. remove the long pauses. we can pause the video if we need more
time to process.

So,  I'm waiting for the next videos, thank you

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