Am I the only one to be left completely cold with the new wave of C++ to GPU libraries (Bolt/ArrayFire/OpenACC) which take back the control compute APIs give? For example this one removes double precision and multiple devices, something that is builtin with OpenCL.

These libraries build on the myth that GPU's power can be harnessed without pain, but at one point you have to expose the multiple levels of parallelism that GPU have, use spatial cache locality, etc. This is like, a 60% solution.

I am one of the developers of ArrayFire. As we went open source, we removed all restrictions that were put in place for our older commercial version. That is, double precision and multiple device are are part of the open source project.

We also support CPU and OpenCL backends along with CUDA. This way, you can use the same ArrayFire code to run across any of those technologies without changes. All you need to do is link the correct library.

We used a BSD 3-Clause license to make it easy for everyone to use in their own projects.

Here is a blog I made about implementing Conway's Game of Life using ArrayFire It demonstrates how easy it is to use ArrayFire.

Our goal is to make it easy for people to get started with GPU programming and break down the barrier for non-programmers to use the hardware efficiently. I agree that complex algorithms require more custom solutions, but once you get started, things become much easier.

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