This is the Current Feature List

Basic PInvoke
Arrays including initializers
Fields/ Properties/Methods with correct hiding semantics
Properties are better implemented
Classes and Polymorphism … we follow C# model
Some benchmarks - basic linpack, fannkuch, nbody
Enum - no enum.Parse support yet though
Iterators are as .Net use enumerators etc … switching arrays to use simple for loop though for performance improvement
Constructors/Overloads/Base Class calls
Static Variables/Members/Properties
Basic System.Math, more implementations required though
Extension Methods
Operator Overloading
Anonymous Classes
Generics … All current test cases work
Boxed structs and interface casting for them
Inner Classes in the form of OuterClass_InnerClass
Static Constructors
Explicit Interfaces … current fix is not so pretty though … i.e. IEnumerator.MoveNext becomes IEnumerator.IEnumerator_MoveNext (this allows implementing methods with same name, differently)
Implicit and Explicit Cast Operators
String switch … dlang supports this natively :)
String.Format .. though implementation is very basic
C# multi dimensional arrays work correctly (even with multi dim syntax :) )… mostly … look at multi test from CrossNet Delegates work including multicast (Native delegates through P/Invoke work too)
Events work as expected … though a bit slower than C#(mono)

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