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> Thanks, I'm in the process of looking at CMake/SCons alternatives 
> right at the moment and will have a look at dco.

May I ask why SCons is insufficient for you?

> I'm trying dub at the moment and it's working perfectly fine so far 
> as a build tool. The alternatives, such as CMake and SCons, are 
> proven technologies with D support that have also worked for me in 
> the past.
> Can I ask what the existing tools were missing and why did you felt 
> it necessary to reinvented your own build tool?

The makers of Dub chose to invent a new build tool despite Make, CMake 
and SCons. Although it is clear Dub is the current de facto standard 
build tool for pure D codes, there is nothing wrong with alternate 
experiments. I hope we can have an open technical discussion of these 
points, it can only help all the build systems with D support.
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