Happy new year!

Just the right time for a new release of Visual D!
This version features

* Win32/COFF support for dmd 2.067+

* basic support to compile C/C++ files as part of the D project

* dparser: updated Alex Bothes semantic analyzer to a recent version (the engine that also powers Mono-D)

* goto file/line for mixin errors and exception dumps

* link dependency monitor now uses tracker.exe from MSBuild or WinSDK

Please grab the installer at http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/StartPage.html

The full version history can be read here: http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/VersionHistory.html

Visual D is a Visual Studio extension that adds D language support to VS2005-2015 and is written in D.

Its source code can be found on github: https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/visuald, pull requests are welcome.

Happy coding,

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