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> I've been playing with jni.h and D.  I think I've got a fully
> working jni.d and I have the start of a nicer D wrapper around it
> with djvm.d.

Whilst I have tinkered with JNI, I have never had to really use it in
anger. And I, and many others, really want to keep it that way even
though there are many who use it. It's like trying to program Python
from C, only worse performance.

There is JNA of course, which does some similar stuff, many use that I
have never used it.

The current fashion is (or will be) JNR (which leads to JEP 191).

As far as I know JNA, JNR (and JEP 191) use JNI, more or less because
they have to. The issue is to make using the adaptor as easy as
possible. JNI is not easy; JNA is easy but slow; JNR is supposedly easy
and fast, so hopefully JEP 191 will be.

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