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Definitely need to get JNI support first class.
It definitely will help with getting D on Android.

My experience is that the D runtime needed some work to accept that
there are Linux machines without glibc (bionic for Android). After
getting those assumptions out, I had it to a point where it was
compiling, but things blew up in the runtime somewhere (or bionic; it
was never really giving useful backtraces) during my argument parsing
(my guess is the GC was mucking with the wrong bits, but there wasn't
anything conclusive since debugging was never easier than what I got
from logcat and looking at disassemblies). This was back in 2.065 era
though and I haven't done much with it since then.


That's trying to get JNI to work, I'm assuming that part has already been done and we want a nice wrapper around it. At the worse case scenario, at least it'll work for e.g. Windows, OSX and Linux.

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