On Monday, 9 February 2015 at 21:08:18 UTC, Brad Anderson wrote:
On Monday, 9 February 2015 at 20:33:46 UTC, Jonas Drewsen wrote:
I made a short post about extending Deadcode (D editor) with a custom widget and how to style it using CSS.



PS. I'm still wondering what to do about the name clash with one of the nick names on this forum ie. deadcode.

Very cool stuff. Is the majority of that time it takes to compile, the state serialization/deserialization or is dmd being that slow?

Compilation time mostly, but it is compiling everything from scratch every time in this video. I have already factored it out into a backend lib and a frontend in order to speed up compilation, but I cannot remember if that actually speeds up anything. Will have to check. Serialization time is not noticable.

It would be really neat to integrate with neovim so we vim users could get our beloved keybindings. Neovim has enabling integration with editors as one of its design goals though I'm not sure how far along they are on this front. Last I heard it was supposed to be over a messagepack API.

Haven't heard of it before. Will definitely check it out. I'm used to emacs keybindings myself.

It'd be cool if you went over how you've implemented all of this a bit. The architecture seems very interesting.

Seems like a good topic yes. Will put it on the list.

A higher resolution recording would be nice. Some of the characters get lost at this resolution.

yes, I see that the youtube quality is quite bad. The uploaded version was perfectly fine so I wonder what went wrong.

I've never seen anyone post under the name "deadcode" on the forums so don't think there is much potential for confusion (especially since one is a project and another is a person). I think you should keep the name.

I have grown a bit attached to the name now working on it for quite a while I must admit.

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