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Project update:

Hans-Albert Maritz (Freakazo) sent pull request with implementation of DCD integration.

Now DlangIDE supports autocompletion (Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Shift+G) and GoToDefinition (Ctrl+G or F12).

DlangIDE becomes real IDE :)

For using of autocompletion, you need to install DCD.
DlangIDE starts its own copy of daemon on port 9167.
dcd-client and dcd-server must be in the same directory as dlangide executable or in one of PATH dirs.

Now most wanted feature is debugging support (IMHO).

I think soo too. Whats the way to go there for targeting all these platforms ?

It looks like we need to develop some universal debugger library.
For linux, it can use gdb as a backend.
For windows - I'm not sure. Is there any console debugger which can debug dmd generated executables? I've checked windbg shipped with dmd, but it looks like it is GUI, and cannot be used as backend via console. Trying to play with my own implementation of debugger using win32 API.

Probably there is already some debugger interface written in D?

maybe this helps:

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