On 28.02.2015 10:50, Vadim Lopatin wrote:

I suspect that is implemented by the Visual Studio debugger. Have you
tried creating an IDebugPortSupplier2?

It might also only be possible from within Visual Studio, though. To
host a debug engine you might have to implement these yourself...

To create IDebugPortSupplier2, I need at least GUID for class
implementing it.

You can find some in the registry, e.g.: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0_Config\AD7Metrics\Engine\{3B476D35-A401-11D2-AAD4-00C04F990171}\PortSupplier

I guess you can only create them while running inside Visual Studio, so that might not really help any further...

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