I think this all is in good enough shape that someone else should give
it a try.


This is an LDC development sandbox for iPhone iOS.

It glues together various pieces needed to build an LDC cross compiler
targeting iPhoneOS.  It also includes a few samples to show how to get
started. The compiler and libraries are in good enough shape to pass the
druntime/phobos unittests with a few minor test failures (see project
README.md).  This means someone could, if so inclined, build their D
library and use it in an iOS App.

Currently based on LDC 0.15.1 (DMD v2.066.1) and LLVM 3.5.1.

There are no prebuild binaries, so you have to do it yourself.  Nobody
has reported yet on trying to build beside me, so there may be potholes.


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