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> On Monday, 23 March 2015 at 16:47:30 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu
> wrote:
> > Dconf 2015's programme is on! http://dconf.org/2015/index.html
> >
>    We're operating at a loss to keep
> > registration costs low, and chose a location that is accessible
> > and affordable.
> >
> > Take the schedule to your employer or academic advisor and ask
> > them if you can attend!
> >
> >
> > Andrei
> Perhaps you might want to ask for a nominal amount to cover
> putting up the content on the web after the conference ?

Given how much complaining there was in the past when the videos were not
made immediately available and were instead released with reddit posts at
regular intervals, I hate to think how much complaining there would be if we
tried to charge for someone to watch them. It's also not something I've ever
heard of a conference doing. The folks who go pay, and if the talks are made
available, they're posted for free. So, it would be abnormal and would look
bad if we charged for them. Also, if the point of charging less for the
conference was to make it more accessible, charging for the talks online
would be contrary to that goal.

No. It sounds like what's probably needed is to find ways to encourage
sponsorship, and for that to work, we probably need to spread knowledge of D
further so that its adoption grows, and charging for the online content
would definitely get in the way of that.

- Jonathan M Davis

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