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I would like to announce my project, DlangUI library - cross-platform GUI for D.
License: Boost License 1.0

Native library written in D (not a wrapper to other GUI library) - easy to extend. As a backend, uses SDL2 on any platform, Win32 API on Windows, XCB on Linux. Other backends can be added easy.
Tested on Windows and Linux.
Supports hardware acceleration - drawing using OpenGL when built with version=USE_OPENGL.
Unicode support.
Internationalization support.
Uses Win32 API fonts on Windows, and FreeType on other platforms.
Same look and feel can be achieved on all platforms.
Flexible look and feel - themes and styles.
API is a bit similar to Android UI.
Flexible layout, support of different screen DPI, scaling.
Uses two phase layout like in Android.
Supports drawable resources in .png and .jpeg, nine-patch pngs and state drawables like in Android.
Single threaded. Use other threads for performing slow tasks.
Mouse oriented.

DlangUI review and small tutorial is published on Habrahabr - popular russian IT resource (in Russian)


It does not looks like something with a `soul`. It looks like a copy of something that already exists.

And i tell you something, mr Lopatin, people often like more the original than the copy.

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