On Tuesday, 20 May 2014 at 18:13:36 UTC, Vadim Lopatin wrote:

I would like to announce my project, DlangUI library - cross-platform GUI for D.
License: Boost License 1.0

Native library written in D (not a wrapper to other GUI library) - easy to extend. As a backend, uses SDL2 on any platform, Win32 API on Windows, XCB on Linux. Other backends can be added easy.

Best regards,
     Vadim  <coolreader....@gmail.com>

Project Update:

* Mac OSX OpenGL support fixed
* High DPI (Retina) displays interface scaling is implemented
* Separate resources for high DPI resolutions
* Font sizes in themes can be specified in points and % of parent size, in addition to pixels
* Dark theme is implemented
* Settings dialogs support widgets
* Multiline TextWidget
* A lot of bugfixes

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