Digger v2.0 (2015-04-26)

 * `idgen.d` update (DMD now requires DMD to build)
 * Full core overhaul, for improved performance,
   granularity and extensibility.
   A fresh install is recommended.

Digger v2.1 (2015-05-03)

 * Add license (dual MPL/Boost)
 * Add `git` cache engine
 * Add `cache` action and subcommands
 * Fix starting `digger-web` in OS X
   (auto-correct working directory)


Digger is a tool for working with D's source code and its
history. It can build D (including older D versions), customize
the build with pending pull requests or forks, and find the exact
pull request which introduced a regression (or fixed a bug). It
comes with a web interface which makes building D from source
trivial even for people new to D, Git or the command line.
  • Digger 2.1 Vladimir Panteleev via Digitalmars-d-announce

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