On 2015-05-03 13:49:33 +0000, Vladimir Panteleev said:

Digger v2.1 (2015-05-03)

Hi, I just updated my binary and tried "digger build" and got this:

mac-pro:Digger robby$ ./digger build
digger: Building spec: master
digger: Adding /Volumes/Daten/Windows/d/develop/d-language/Digger/dl/gitinstaller/cmd to PATH.
digger: Updating repo...
Fetching origin
digger: Starting at meta repository commit 66a9c729588d7a4f4add369ecd8fe10aa16e7085
digger: Building components dmd, druntime, phobos-includes, phobos, rdmd
digger: needInstalled: dmd-b9dee9e4d845b6ee30b4ac63886531dae200a760-b7a24e8234f0f1d5885c4284f67299eb
digger: Cache hit!
Fatal error: dmd-b9dee9e4d845b6ee30b4ac63886531dae200a760-b7a24e8234f0f1d5885c4284f67299eb was cached as unbuildable

So, it looks I'm missing something that needs to be installed. But I don't have a clue how to find out what's missing. Any idea?

Robert M. Münch
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