On 5/3/15 6:04 AM, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
Gah, I'm late!

Anyway, this is my hackathon project:


Succinctly, it is the lovechild of Digger and Mozilla's areweslimyet.com.

It measures stats about D built from D's entire GitHub history, as well
as those of programs built with said D versions. Currently only two
programs are tested (empty program and "hello world"), so please send
PRs for meaningful benchmarks. Adding new programs is very easy:

There is a bunch of cool things happening under the hood about which I
might or might not do a full blog post later. Currently it's still
collecting data from recently added benchmarks, so coverage is spotty
for some tests - should be fleshed out in a few days.


This is awesome! Any chance to get the guilty commit more precisely? For example I see a large jump recently, but any of 3 dozens commits (or a combination thereof) could have caused it.


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