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Inspired by ponce idioms list for D I've set up something similar. There are some themes in D which come up regulary and are discussed to the vomit. If something is agreed, it gets forgotten sometimes and the theme disappears into oblivion (for a few months :P). To prevent this, I've collected some hot-discussed themes, their history and their current state. I hope this helps to avoid unnecessary discussions in the future and finally cut off these issues (either with an official decision "Nope, keep as it is" or with an implementation).

I've tried to stay as objective as possible, but if something seems to be too subjective, please let me know, so I can fix it.


Thanks. Many programmers find fault with this problem:

"No problem. But if you have more elements it could be annoying to count them. That's why some D users wanted that the compiler does that for them.

int[$] c = [1, 2, 3]; // the compiler detects the dollar and count the elements for us"

+1, I have to go review why this was removed. It's annoying that I have to manually count static arrays.

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