On 2015-06-04 17:04, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:

Many major and minor improvements.

Some major ones:

- dlang.org theme, fully responsive and mobile-friendly
- keyboard navigation in all views
- automatically saved post drafts
- get notified of new posts and replies with subscriptions
- full text search
- by persistent request, a new view mode (vertical-split)
- post to mailing lists
- even faster, believe it or not.

This update is the sum of 256 commits over 34 days of development.

Unfortunately I'm a bit disappointed. I mostly use the forum on my phone and to me it's barley any improvement at all. The problem I see are:

* The font is too small in portrait mode. It's good in landscape mode

* The two (index) and three columns (viewing a group) views don't really work. They truncate too much of the text. Perhaps using a different layout that is more suitable for phones could be used

* All links except that ones inline in a post is too small. The breadcrumbs, settings, help and the pager. It's mostly the pager that is important

* It looks like the site decreases the font size when the window gets more narrow, is that really necessary? Perhaps that's why I think the font size is too small in portrait mode

* Still no pager on top :( . This is not just on the phone

* I don't think it's necessary on a desktop size that page stretches out and uses the complete width. I think most responsive site has some form of max width on the page. At some point it's not necessary to increase the width any more, it just adds unnecessary whitespace

The combination of a too small font size a too small pager is why I'm so disappointed. If I need to zoom on a responsive site the whole responsiveness has failed

On the plus side, the links inline in the posts seem to be properly wrapped now and doesn't break the layout :)

I'm using an iPhone 6, the smaller one.

/Jacob Carlborg

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