On 8/07/2015 11:33 p.m., Dicebot wrote:
Andrei is back online and thus it is time to make a decision about
adding his allocator package
(http://forum.dlang.org/post/vfipmwojmvseqxoiw...@forum.dlang.org) to
Phobos std.experimental

Docs: http://erdani.com/d/phobos-prerelease/std_experimental_allocator.html

Please respond to this post with a comment starting with a single
"Yes"/"No" and optional explanation after that. Criteria you are
expected to evaluate as part of "Yes":

- is this functionality needed in Phobos
- is basic design sound (some breaking changes are OK for
std.experimental but not full redesign)

As usual, anyone can vote, but opinions of Phobos developers hold more

Voting ends in 2 weeks, on July 22.


I do have opinions about it, i.e. it doesn't feel 100% right especially from work with std.experimental.image. However it is needed and I do not believe that it has any major issues. It's just smallish things that I cannot quite put my finger on.

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