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> On Monday, 24 August 2015 at 16:09:46 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
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>> This Week in D has the argument over export/Object.factory, the if(array)
>> thread, dmd codegen, and the official switch to ddmd!
>> http://arsdnet.net/this-week-in-d/aug-23.html
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> Speaking of giving the ldc and gdc recognition. Wouldn't it be neat to
> have statistics for them to in This Week in D?
> IMO it would also be interesting to graph the statistics to be able to
> read the trends.
I don't think this would work as well with the less active compilers.
Partly because (gdc) only really goes through a major overhaul/change once
every six months, depending on how long the next release of DMD has been in
development.  Also the whole process is less driven by dealing with bug
reports and more driven by feature/optimization topics that I'm sure would
fly over most people's heads.

I'm sure no one cares that:
- C++ support has been backported from 2.067.
- Reducing GC.malloc calls from 7861 to 11 in D EH routines.
- Strict LTR evaluation order honouring has been turned off until spec
better defines what should be done  (op= operations may be reordered as
optimizations see fit).
- Updated to be in sync with gcc-6-20150816 snapshot.
- 16 files changed, 1854 insertions, 269 deletions.
- New gdc-4.9.3 and gdc-5.2.0 binary releases are available.

Well, maybe the last one is of interest, but I hope there's a point. :-)


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