On Tuesday, 25 August 2015 at 21:43:11 UTC, Iain Buclaw wrote:

The work done on GDC is well appreciated, GDC's codebase is much cleaner now than it was before the refactoring.

True, and it will only get more cleaner as each section is rewritten. But no one personally congratulates you on refactoring code (I have been spearheading a push to remove all dmd-backend-isms from gdc. It took about 3 months work to make expression (toElem) codegen to be stateless, and remove the dmd-specific 'backend IR state' (IRState) struct from the codebase. And that is barely 1/8 of what needs to be done to prepare the move to 2.067)


How can we make it easier for people to show their appreciation? I appreciate very much your work on GDC, and I know that there is a general problem that people tend to focus on what's visible and not necessarily what's hidden but important.

Everyone knows Steve Jobs. Wozniak less so. Who outside of the programming world is familiar with Dennis Ritchie? So part of that is just a question of awareness, and so this is an interesting development (whatever you think of the person or his contributions - that is not my point):

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