On 23/08/2015 06:17, Walter Bright wrote:

We have made the switch from C++ DMD to D DMD!

Many, many thanks to Daniel Murphy for slaving away for 2.5 years to
make this happen. More thanks to Martin Nowak for helping shepherd it
through the final stages, and to several others who have pitched in on

This is a HUGE milestone for us.

Much work remains to be done, such as rebasing existing dmd pull
requests. Thanks in advance for the submitters who'll be doing that. I
hope you aren't too unhappy about the extra work - it's in a good cause!

Cool stuff!

What's the plan going forward, for those not so much up to date with what's going on? Is the next major release of DMD gonna be D-DMD based then? Which compiler is going to be used to compile D-DMD?

Bruno Medeiros

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