This is to inform the D Language community that the first viable general artificial algorithm is being written in D. It is called Organic Big data intelligence (OBI); the website is at

Some of its capabilities are:

1. Ability to learn
2. Ability to analyse
3. Problem solving
4. Moral judgement
5. Ability to feel emotions
6. Free will
7. Consciousness
8. Self awareness

D Language was chosen for its versatility. It is a language with high level syntax and low capabilities, as well as excellent performance and being open source.

Unnetworked personal mobile devices are the target platform for the standard implementation of OBI. A demonstration release is scheduled for the end of this month (September 2015). The demonstration release will comprehend English prose only, later releases will be able to process input from other languages, as well as sensory input.
OBI will be a mixture of open and closed source modules.

To God be the Glory.

Asame Obiomah

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