On 09/02/2015 11:27 AM, Enamex wrote:

Free will and consciousness?

... Not to be a jerk, but I thought we hadn't settled these problems yet
as they apply to already existing sapient beings, which just happen to
be us. I'm more amused than skeptical, to be honest, given the release
date for a 'demonstration' if it's supposed to have even half of that
list even 1/10th implemented.

My thoughts exactly.

Reminds me of a (print) article I came across one time. It was about the idea of AI consciousness, but the whole article was based on one hell of a gigantic assumption: That consciousness is a natural consequence of a sufficiently large neural net. It's a fine and interesting idea, but PURELY speculative, with zero evidence and not even any way of testing for evidence since, like you say, we can't even figure out the first thing about consciousness as it relates to ourselves and each other, let alone to machines.

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