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On Monday, 31 August 2015 at 16:09:02 UTC, Gary Willoughby wrote:
I've written a new article on D here:


Hopefully to drive other programmers to investigate D. It's a continuation of a similar one I wrote a few months ago which attracted over 60k readers. It's a simple overview of some cool features in the D standard library hopefully to fuel curiosity.

Reddit link:


Up vote away. :)

Nice article. I regularly find things like this where I spend a couple hours implementing a solution, only to find its already been done for me. Mostly occurs in std.algorithm.

And it's not even lack of documentation, it's me thinking "this will never be in the library, time to go do it myself". That predSwitch code is a perfect example.

Same here. I've learned to go to Phobos first (mainly std.algorithm), before I come up with my own solution. But Phobos is so vast that it's easy to miss a gem or two. I'd appreciate more articles about how common problems can be solved with Phobos.

One issue I've encountered is that function names don't always reflect well what they do, so I filter them. This might be my own fault though.

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