On Saturday, 13 June 2015 at 14:18:31 UTC, ponce wrote:
dplug is a library for audio plugin development.


It's aim is to be a lean alternative to JUCE and IPlug, the most used C++ libraries in this space.

It is currently less useful since supporting only VST 2.x on Windows. The plan is to gradually add more formats and OS support (VST Mac and AudioUnit should be first).

A bit of update about dplug:

- Mac VST support for 64-bit is there, with the exception of a weird scanning bug in Reaper and Studio One (#62). The interface use Cocoa through DerelictCocoa. 32-bit plugins would require a Carbon UI and I don't think it's clever to focus time on it.

I should do AudioUnit next but it requires inheriting from C++ classes so it's not sure it can work.

- The GUI now use a simplified physically-based model for rendering, a bit over-the-top but always nice to use.

- Linux windowing is started, but stalled

A big surprise was that DMD can also make plugins on OS X, despite not supporting shared libraries theorically. I don't know why it works.

Please note however that dplug does not respect SemVer yet and stuff will break without notice or insurance.

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