On Wednesday, 9 September 2015 at 14:47:40 UTC, burjui wrote:
And then GrandAxe pops up with this revolutionary software, claiming that Okeuvo company built an AI. However, that claim is not supported by anything and reminds me of the Unlimited Detail technology by Euclideon, which was announced in a similar manner, promising a revolution in graphics rendering. As you can see, it's far from it, despite the fact they were given $2 million by the Australian government. It seems like this revolution takes a little bit more effort, than was anticipated :) And there's no reason to think Okeuvo's technology is different in that sense.

Oh well, I believe Manu is working for Euclideon and would like to use D for their renderer if it was possible. I like what their tech-demos display, but the storage requirements suggest that it is more useful for specialized application domains than entertainment for now.

Sometimes it can be important to announce something just in order to get yourself focused on it, like a start pistol. Maybe GrandAxe has some ideas that will lead to something useful for end users even if the mechanisms might be simpler than we expect them to be.

He only seems to have announced it here and on reddit, so it let's assume he is only excited to get started on his mission and isn't conducting search engine optimizations by having back links from the forums.

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