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Understanding the source of FancyPars is challenging because the core source, example vibe.d application source and supporting code, as well as generated lexer/parser code are all contained in the same directory and committed in the repository.

Sorry about that.
The Files that are really interesting are
1. fancy_grammar.d - contains helpers for working with the FancyParsGrammar Definition. 2. fancy_genPars.d - generates a function which parses the output form the generated lexer
3. fancy_genLex.d generates the lexer function.
4. fancy_genAST.d - generates the AST

The syntax for the grammar definition is different from Pegged, and seems to be inspired by D. It supports a hierarchical structure. It looks powerful, but is undocumented. The example grammar looks like this:

The Syntax is inspired by D and Pegged.
It is going to be extend though and you should consider it unstable.
I will document it as it becomes more stable.

Its announced support for left-recursion is interesting, and I may decide to play a bit further with it. My objective would be to see if an Extended Pascal to D translating compiler would be feasible.

TransCompilers are what fancyPars is written for.
please show me a few examples of your pascal gramamr.
might be in pegged or EBNF or something similar.

So I can see if there are idioms I should integrate in fp.

Thanks for the interest.

Stefan (Uplink_Coder) Koch

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