On 2015-09-21 06:22, Paul O'Neil wrote:
As the title says, cpp_binder is a tool that generates C++ bindings.  It
reads C++ headers and produces a D file filled with "extern(C++)"
declarations.  It can translate a bunch of cool, small examples, but is
not close to being ready for prime-time.  It crashes a lot, especially
in the STL; since the STL is pretty pervasive, I have not successfully
used cpp_binder on an actual C++ library.

I've written more about cpp_binder and my experiences at

I read your reasons why you're not using DStep. But I still think it's a shame that you chose to create a new tool instead of contributing to DStep.

That's the unfortunate issue with the D community. Everyone is creating their on projects instead of working together. That's why the progress is so slow.

/Jacob Carlborg

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