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This code looks so similar to the equivalent in Python, it is great. Does it need Vibe underneath it though to work, or is this a package that can sit separately and just use sockets to connect to the SMTP server as with Python?

It only depends on vibe's Mail class.

The only function that interacts with the Mail class is this one:

void setContent(MailPart)(Mail email, MailPart part)
        if (isMailPart!MailPart)
        foreach(key, value; part.headers)
                email.headers[key] = value;

        import std.conv : text;
        email.bodyText = part.content.text;

Which is rather trivial to port.

Having said that, I have no need to build my own SMTP client. Vibe does a good job. And there is also a more stand-alone project on code.dlang.org which I forgot the name of.

Though I would rather there was no HTML in any email!

From http://www.networkworld.com/article/2199390/uc-voip/the-mime-guys--how-two-internet-gurus-changed-e-mail-forever.html?page=3

While Freed was concerned about the problems occurring when content moved from one e-mail system to another, "I wanted to be able to send pictures and videos and stuff like that in e-mail," Borenstein says. "And by the way, when people would ask me, 'Why do you care so much about putting media into e-mail?' I always said because someday I'm going to have grandchildren and I want to get pictures of them by e-mail. And people's reaction was to laugh and laugh."

Borenstein started receiving pictures of his twin grandchildren via e-mail in 2009

That why we want stuff besides text in our emails.

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